"First sip I knew I was in for a treat...."


'It’s delicious… can’t quite believe it’s British.'


Your rosé is totally delicious [...] I cannot believe I didn't notice it was English, that is so wonderful.

Memo Press

"A wonderfully light rose! Move over foreign roses - this Kent Rose is the one to go for!"


The Joy of Togetherness

Discover the joy of English rosé -
and the even greater joy of sharing it with others.

What the experts are saying about us...

  • “Great acidity and mid-palate fruit – confident, even rather dashing. I can see this going down very easily on a summer afternoon.”

    Jancis Robinson
  • "The most delicate and tender English rosés I have tasted."

    Matthew Jukes
  • “A vegan wine in a characterful bottle, perfect for pairing with BBQ or drinking by the poolside.”

  • “This quality wine can seriously give Provence rosé a run for its money; very fresh, with suggestions of elderflower and red berry, it’s seriously delicious."

    The Buyer

About Folc

Rosé doesn’t need to be made in Provence. You don’t need to own a châteaux or vineyard to make great-tasting wine. You don’t need to sip from an expensive glass. You don’t have to holiday on the French Riviera – you don't have to holiday at all. We’re here to challenge the codes and conventions around wine, using our obsession as an invitation to bring more good people together.

We’ve been lucky to be reviewed by some of the best tasters in the industry. The finest still English rosé, officially