Folc's autumnal pairings

The days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting colder, creating the perfect opportunity to brush up on your cooking skills and rustle up some of our favourite autumn comfort food recipes to pair with our delicious English rosé. We've chosen two chicken and two vegetarian dishes, but feel free to add or remove ingredients to better cater to any other dietary requirements! 

 A blue pasta bowl with pumpkin rigatoni sprinkled with parmesan cheese. A fork is lifting up a piece of pasta

Pumpkin rigatoni
This deliciously creamy pasta was made for those nights when you are craving something simple and wholesome. Make the most of seasonal foods, and use roasted pumpkin to create the base of your pasta sauce. Chicken would work well with this if you’re looking for some extra protein! Add a splash of double cream and top parmesan cheese and you have the perfect creamy pasta to enjoy with your folc. 

Ingredients (serves 2):
750g roasted pumpkin, pureed 
1 tbs tomato puree 
1 onion
100ml double cream 
500g cooked rigatoni 

Chop your pumpkin into 2cm chunks.
Cover with a drizzle of oil, salt and pepper.
Roast for 30mins on 200c.
Dice the onion.
Puree your roasted pumpkin.
Cook your rigatoni.
Fry the onion until softened.
Add your pumpkin puree and tomato paste to the onion.
Add a splash of double cream.
Add your cooked rigatoni to the pasta sauce.
Serve with grated parmesan cheese and a glass of folc.

A chicken, walnut and cranberry salad in a white bowl. Accompanied by a bottle of folc English rosé and a glass of rosé

Nutty chopped cranberry and spiced chicken salad  
This salad is the perfect mix of autumnal flavours and easy to put together on days when you want something quick and nutritious. We recommend picking up some chicken from your local butchers, and then topping with chopped dried cranberries and walnuts for some added texture. Accompany with a glass (or two!) of your favourite English rosé and enjoy.

Ingredients (serves 2):
2 chicken thighs 
chicken seasoning blend 
25ml oil
0.5 head of iceberg lettuce 
150g baby plum tomatoes 
50g feta cheese 
50g dried cranberries 
Salad dressing of choice (we recommend our rosé vinaigrette)

Rosé vinaigrette ingredients:
50ml folc English rosé
25ml olive oil
1 tsp honey
1tsp dijon mustard
Squeeze of lime juice
Pinch of salt and pepper
Dash of balsamic vinegar

Drizzle oil and chicken seasoning on the chicken thighs and cook at 200 degrees for 25 mins.
Chop the iceberg lettuce.
Chop the dried cranberries and walnuts.
Chop the baby plum tomatoes in half.
Assemble dried cranberries and walnuts over the iceberg lettuce in a bowl. 
Place cooked chicken thigh on top, and drizzle over your salad dressing. 
Top with crumbled feta cheese.


Tomato and broccoli risotto 
A risotto is the ideal comfort meal to see you through these colder evenings, and this one is full of flavour. Baby plum tomatoes are our favourite to use in this dish as they’re nice and juicy. Feel free to go without the cheese to make this dish vegan! Drizzle with balsamic glaze, and serve with a perfectly chilled glass of folc. 

Ingredients (serves 2):
Vegetable stock paste 
1 shallot 
200g tenderstem broccoli 
1tbsp tomato paste 
150g baby plum tomatoes 
175g risotto rice 
30g parmesan cheese 
20ml balsamic glaze

Dissolve your vegetable stock in 400ml boiling water.
Dice the shallot and garlic.
Cook the shallot until softened and then add the garlic and tomato paste.
Add the risotto rice and cook until translucent.
Add a little stock at a time into the rice until dissolved.
Roast the tomatoes and broccoli at 200 degrees for 10-15 mins.
When all the stock is absorbed by the risotto rice, stir through the parmesan cheese.
Plate up the risotto topped with the broccoli and tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. 

A white plate with panko breadcrumbed chicken placed on top of roasted courgette and cherry tomatoes, dressed with parsley, garlic and olive oil dressing

Panko breadcrumbed chicken and roasted veggies 
This panko breadcrumbed chicken a deliciously simple dish to make, for even the most novice of cooks. The roasted veg is great for added vitamins over the colder months, and the roasted tomatoes pair perfectly with folc's vibrant citrus notes. 

Ingredients (serves 2):
250g panko breadcrumbs
2 chicken breasts
25g cheddar cheese
1 courgette
100g cherry tomatoes
100 baby potatoes
For the dressing:
A handful of parsley
2 cloves of garlic
25ml olive oil 

Flatten the chicken with a rolling pin.
Mix the panko breadcrumbs and grated cheddar together.
Coat the chicken in oil and cover in the breadcrumb and cheese mix.
Cook at 20 degrees for 20 mins.
Chop the baby potatoes into 4cm chunks.
Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.
Cut the courgette into 4cm pieces.
Roast the veg and potatoes at 200 degrees for 15 mins.
Roughly chop the parsley and finely chop the garlic.
Mix the parsley and garlic together with the oil.
When the chicken and vegetables are cooked, plate up and place the chicken on top of the vegetables.
Top with the parsley and garlic dressing and enjoy.

Hopefully these recipes have got your mouth watering and left you filled with inspiration for delicious autumn food pairing creations. Don't forget to pick up your folc to pair with your new foodie creations, and follow us on instagram for more rosé food pairings!