Rose wine and winter dishes

Folc's winter warmers

Food and wine is one of life’s greatest pairings, and as autumn makes way for winter, we thought we’d dispel the myth that rosé is only for summer. 

Can you pair rose wine with winter foods?

Food and wine is one of life’s greatest pairings, and as autumn makes way for winter, we thought we’d dispel the myth that rose wine is only for summer. You can most certainly pair rose wine with autumnal and winter comfort food! We’ve selected a few of our favourite winter warming recipes that work wonderfully well with our delicious rosé for those cosy nights in with your folk. 

Aromatic hake parcels with Tenderstem broccoli & rice: 

We think this mouth watering fish dish is a delicious pairing for folc during these colder winter evenings. We suggest using sustainably sourced hake for this dish, accompanied by organic tenderstem broccoli, steamed to perfection. Serve with rice and as much (or as little!) fresh chilli as you like for that extra kick, perfect for warming you from the inside this autumn/winter. 

Venison, mushroom, sour cherry:


For a meal made with ingredients that are in season, this venison dish is the one to choose. The nuttiness of the mushrooms paired with the tart sour cherry molasses works together wonderfully to bring you a dish full of autumnal flavours. Add some friends and a bottle of folc and you have the perfect evening. Cheers.

Tomato and Chickpea pasta: 

This easy pasta is full of flavour and ideal for those evenings when you want something tasty, but easy to cook. Using ingredients you probably already have at home, add Nduja paste for some added flavour (we recommend a plant based one to keep this dish vegan!) and you have yourself a dinner for the whole family. A glass (or two!) of folc for mum and dad and your meal is complete! 

Pumpkin gnocchi:


Following on with another dish that is easy to whip together, this pumpkin gnocchi is a well rounded combination of autumnal flavours and comfort food. A hearty dish with lots of fresh vegetables to help boost your immune system and fight off that winter cold. Feel free to go without the pancetta to make this vegetarian! Finish off with your favourite cheese on top and folc’s vibrant citrus notes will do the rest.

Delicious, home-cooked food is one of the joys of long, winter evenings, so hopefully these recipes will provide you with plenty of inspiration this season! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more wonderful food pairings.