Food & Folc: Our Favourite Food and Wine Pairings

Food and wine are one of life’s greatest joys - each brings out the other’s deliciousness. With Spring finally here and Summer already on its way, there is no doubt that it’s folc’s time to shine when it comes to wining and dining at home or on the move (not that folc can’t be enjoyed all year round too!) Our rosé’s gorgeously pale hue with hints of wild raspberry, elderflower and pink grapefruit goes beautifully with a range of dishes - all you need to do is try them to see why! 

Food and Folc at home 

With garden parties sure to become one of the most popular ways to socialise this Summer, yours or your friend’s patch will soon become one of the most important places in your social calendar!

Seafood tacos

We think seafood tacos make a scrumptious pairing for folc - the characteristic English acidity in our wine is balanced by fruiter notes, and its long refreshing finish will be sure to cool down anyone who gets a little too hot. 

We suggest sustainably sourced salmon, hake or any other fresh fish you can find, and for vegetarians or vegans (folc is vegan too by the by!), some marinated tofu or mushrooms will do just the trick! Squeeze some lime over the whole dish and add a dollop of pineapple and chilli salsa for that extra zing. Aside from how delicious this pairing is, the colour palette of this dish is so bright and pretty -  perfect for freshening up your photo album after a very uneventful year.  

Beetroot & ricotta pasta 

Another pretty-in-pink option to match your bottle of folc is beetroot and ricotta pasta. Homemade pasta was all the rage during the lockdown, so perhaps you've got a machine in your kitchen? If not, dried spaghetti will serve just as well. Beets, walnuts and tomatoes are pulsed in a food processor to create a glossy sauce. Served with a dollop of fresh ricotta on top; the earthiness of the beets will be complemented perfectly by the slight fruitiness of folc. Delicious.


Carrying on with the pink theme, nothing beats the gorgeous fluffiness of the classic Antipodean dessert - the pavlova. These meringues don’t always travel that well, which makes them the perfect choice for your next garden party. Top with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries along with fresh cream. Top tip - if you find meringues too sweet, swap white caster sugar for brown and enjoy a perfectly bronzed pavlova. Folc’s citrus, melon and strawberry notes will do the rest. 

Food and Folc on the move 

If you’re venturing further afield to a park, beach, boat or other exotic location, you’ll need a picnic that packs and unpacks with ease, whilst still looking and tasting delish. 


A charcuterie board is always a good start! Pack your prettiest wooden board along with flatbreads, sliced beets and hummus (drizzle with olive oil and paprika for extra pizazz). Tomato salsa and cashew nuts would also be a welcome addition and you could scatter some grapes here or there - bonus points for decanting everything into proper bowls. The result will be a fantastic option for grazing the afternoon away with a delicious bottle (or three) of folc to keep you company. 

Katsu Burger

For something to get your teeth into, a vegan Katsu burger is a great option for on-the-go eating. Simply breadcrumb and fry the tofu beforehand and assemble the burger once at your picnic. Optional additions include wasabi mayo and coleslaw - you can use standard or vegan mayo for both. Folc’s vibrant, crisp notes will cool off this slightly spicy dish.


Finally, pavlova may not travel all that well but scones certainly do! Pre-bake at home, pop in a tupperware container and serve with jam and lashings of cream on a picnic rug somewhere lovely. If you want to keep in the English garden party theme, serve your Folc in china cups with a cube of ice in each to keep things extra crisp. 


Pairing food and wine can sometimes be a difficult task, so hopefully these will get you through Spring and Summer! Be sure to follow us on Instagram where we often post delicious recipes and folc food pairings, too.