Is Wine Vegan? What Is Vegan Wine?

Is Wine Vegan? What Is Vegan Wine?

It’s undeniable that veganism has skyrocketed in recent years, especially as it has become easier and easier for people to make the switch to plant-based options. While you’ll see delicious vegan options on almost all restaurant and pub menus, extending veganism to your wine drinking takes a little extra thought, as many don’t realise that wine isn’t necessarily vegan or even vegetarian. Don’t panic, though - we’re about to break it all down for you, and as a starting point you’ll be thrilled to hear that Folc meets the vegan gold standard (as if you needed another reason to drink it!). 


I thought wine was made from grapes, and grapes are vegan?!

 Wine is made from grapes, except in wine making, a process called ‘fining’ takes place, where molecules which cause wine to appear murky are removed. Fining agents can often contain animal products such as egg whites, gelatin, milk protein and fish bladder protein. These agents act like a magnet, pulling the molecules that make wine cloudy towards them. While these are filtered out, tiny traces sometimes remain, hence why not all wines are vegan.

The wine industry and veganism

The wine industry has come around to vegan wines in recent years, updating their labelling to include  clear ‘vegan’ labels as well as ‘organic’ or ‘biodynamic.’ If the wine label you’re looking at doesn't include these descriptions, you may want to ask if they’ve used non-vegan fining agents in their process. Now before you spit out your rosé, remember that it’s unlikely you’d be able to taste these as they are filtered out before the wine is bottled and sold, but sometimes tiny traces remain in the wine. Smaller producers (like Folc!) in particular are becoming more conscious of the demand for vegan or more environmentally responsible wines, and any producer worth their salt should be able to explain the process to you as a customer. Vegan wines simply allow the wine to turn from cloudy to clear in its own time - the process just takes a bit longer and we think it’s worth the wait! 

Where can I get some?

When shopping for wine look out for the ‘V’ or ‘VE’ label on the bottle – if this isn’t there then the wine is most likely not vegan, but it’s always worth checking this with the producer as it isn’t mandatory to include this information. Some do declare that there may be traces of milk protein or other animal products, but not all.

 You’ll be happy to hear that Folc is both vegan and gluten free, so if you’ve recently committed to incorporating more plant based options into your diet or are a lifelong vegan, Folc is a perfect option for a summery picnic or dinner with friends - vegan or otherwise.  Enjoy alongside fresh pasta, black bean and avocado tacos or crispy tofu. 

Drinking Folc means you’re supporting the future of English wine, a small, female co-founded business and your animal friends, and that’s in fashion all year round. 

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