Rosé Tinted Glasses

Rosé Tinted Glasses

At Folc we think rosé goes well with most things, but there are certain situations where it really comes into its own and takes on a truly magical quality. Read on for a reflection on our favourite places, events and moments to enjoy rosé. 

Boats, or any watercraft really, is one of these places. Whether you’re on a yacht in the Med or a punt on a slightly muddy English river on a summer’s day, there is something pretty dreamy about floating along with a glass of rosé in hand. Drifting and watching the world go by or trying to row upstream whilst pouring everyone another glass is an English Summer tradition. Feeding the ducks (or seagulls) is optional. 

There is also something particularly special about Summer evenings in the UK when it only gets dark at ten and a certain dusky, golden quality descends across Britain’s parks and gardens. Lying out on a picnic rug with a dozen friends and playing a lazy game of boules or backyard cricket is a perfect rosé drinking situation. Lush charcuterie boards, fresh strawberries and watching the sunset makes for the most ideal, dreamy evening. Plus, if it’s a school night, sneaking home at ten just as it’s gotten dark feels wonderfully like bunking off. Roll on Summer!

Poolside is another seemingly obvious rosé drinking location, but with good reason. Lying under your umbrella until you’re so warm you can hardly bear it, then plunging into a cold pool and re-emerging to an icy glass of rosé is the stuff Summer dreams are made of. If you feel like getting a bit fancy and having a proper pool party, check out these excellent rosé cocktail recipes. Add in some of your favourite tunes, a couple of inflatables, some frozen watermelon along with the smell of sunscreen and you’re in literal heaven. 

Another absolute favourite rosé drinking spot of ours is at a beach bar. Emerge from the ocean like the mermaid you are and saunter up to your table and ice bucket of rosé. Picture this: the waiter brings over a platter of prawns, or grilled peaches & burrata, the sun is setting and you have a perfect, golden tan. You’re heading out for dinner (and more rosé) overlooking the ocean this evening and you’ve got the perfect book to enjoy on your sun lounger tomorrow. It’s almost too good to even think about. 

We know Summer means weddings, and when love is in the air it’s time to think pink. So, what goes better with an outdoor wedding than rosé? We can’t wait for weddings to return post lockdown and after the champagne toasts are done, you’ll be reaching for your favourite blush coloured wine again and again. If you’re under a marquee or a lawn bedecked with fairy lights with the band playing before dinner, you’ll want a glass of rosé. Top it up with a little soda water for a spritzer, raise a glass to the happy couple and if you happen to slosh a little over yourself on the dance floor, it’s so pretty and pale that no one will notice. 

If you’re still keeping things low key this Summer and spending time on a sun lounger in your very own back garden (or patio, or balcony, any slice of outdoor space will do!) with a good book for the afternoon, some rosé will certainly keep you company. Delightfully refreshing, it’s the kind of drink you can enjoy on a sunny afternoon between lunch and dinner without the need for a bigger meal, or alongside afternoon tea (scones with strawberry jam and cream pair particularly well, but check out our other food pairing suggestions here). 

And finally, what could beat dinner on a terrace with friends and family (who you might’ve not seen for a long time) to go with your rosé? The kind of dinner where you were supposed to eat at half past seven and it’s now somehow ten o’clock, but nobody minds because the rosé is flowing along with the conversation, you’re deliciously tired after a day of long walks and swimming and all the people you love are around you.

That’s what rosé is all about, it’s the ultimate crowd pleaser - easy to drink, easy to pair and easy to enjoy just about anywhere!