The Perfect Mother's Day Pairing

There are few things more delicious in this life than perfectly matched wine and cheese. So what better way to say thank you to your mum this Mother’s Day, than by treating her to a expert selection of cheeses paired alongside her favourite English rosé. 

This Mother’s Day, we have paired with wine and cheese connoisseur, Jessica Summer from Mouse and Grape, to create a choice of two different limited edition hampers that are the perfect catalyst for creating cherished memories with your mum, or motherly figure in your life. Keep reading for Jessica’s folc and cheese pairing expertise:

A woman and her mother smiling, drinking rosé next to flowers

First things first, try serving your rosé a little warmer than you’re used to. This small change will mean that the flavours in the wine become more prominent and you’ll be able to taste the combinations even more.

Now, let’s talk cheese. Goat’s and ewes milk cheese are absolute stars. The bright acidity, grassy and citrus notes of a tangy Golden Cross go so beautifully with folc. It’s a perfect example of complimenting flavours that really does bring out the best in both.

Don’t shy away from blue cheese. It may sound surprising but pairing a creamy blue cheese, like Beauvale, with rosé is absolutely delicious. The saltiness from the cheese really brings out the fruitiness in the wine, and trust me when I say you’ll love it!

For a pairing that is as indulgent as strawberries and cream, you want to go for soft cow’s milk cheeses with this gorgeous rosé. The high acidity of the Baron Bigod cuts through the fattiness of the cheese and creates such an indulgent, tasty experience. 

My final tip is to experiment and have fun! It is a common misconception that red wine goes best with cheeses, but I think folc gives red wine a run for its money.

Mouse and Grape have 2 delightful hampers for you to choose from this Mother's Day:

Love You Mum Luxury Hamper - £55

Folc English Rosé
Baron Bigod 200g
Goosbury & Elderflower Jam
The Fine Cheese Co Cherry and Linseed Toast for Cheese

The Mother’s Day Cheese and Wine Hamper - £75

Folc English Rosé
Baron Bigod 200g
Beauvale 200g
Golden Cross 200g
Miller’s Charcoal Crackers
Limited Edition Ambustum Rose and Black Pepper Candle

Whether you’re celebrating apart or side by side, gifting one of these delightful hampers can either be a heart-warming surprise or an opportunity for you both to enjoy discovering exquisite pairings together. Head to Mouse and Grape to get yours in time for Mother’s Day.